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The pandemic has changed the way we work and socialize. When Sheila Smith found herself frustrated by the new normal, she turned to God’s word for encouragement. Now she shares 20 days of encouragement in her new book, Yes You Can!

Guest bio:
Sheila Smith has over twenty years of teaching music in the private sector and in several public-school systems.  

Coming from a family of educators, Sheila decided at an early age to set her goals towards becoming a teacher. Sheila has been actively involved in ministry in her local church through Children’s, Youth, and Women’s ministries.  She believes she has heeded a call from God to be an encouragement to children and adults.

Sheila is married to Roderick Smith, and they have one daughter, Jaiya Smith.  They each share a love for God, ministry, and music.

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Need encouragement while teaching or working with others? Have you asked if God could use you in your profession in the aftermath of a pandemic? Has your “classroom” and world been turned upside down?

As a veteran teacher and follower of Christ, Sheila Smith found herself asking these questions almost daily during a crisis that affected the world.

Sheila shares 20 days of encouragement. Quick, to the point, prayerful thoughts connecting her experience from 25 years of teaching to the word of God. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or nearer to the end of your career, Sheila willencourage you.


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