Love and Intrigue

“Love means never having to hear your Miranda rights.”

Teresa Janzen interviews Claire O’Sullivan about her new novel and her writing and publishing journey. It’s love, intrigue, and a surprise ending in Romance Under Wraps.

Author bio:

Claire O’Sullivan is a retired nurse practitioner with experience in forensics. When Claire is not dusting for fingerprints at midnight or tapping at her keyboard, she’s spending time with family (kids and grandkids) and friends are a special treat. Speaking of treats, Claire loves to bake and cook, and you may see some of her recipes in her novels. She can often be found puttering in the garden or out with friends getting coffee and dishing about the latest in books.

Claire’s first novel, “Romance Under Wraps” was released in 2020 and her next book, a military thriller, will release in 2022.

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