Break the Cycle


You are not alone.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Trae Wilson learned to break generational cycles that were holding her back from experiencing the joy and purpose God intended for her life. The result was her new book, My Last 20, where she shares her journey of 20 years living life her way, and how God helped her get unstuck and find purpose.

You could literally be saving someone’s life by telling your story. You didn’t go through it for nothing.

Trae Wilson

Guest Bio:
La’Trae Wilson is a native of Oakland, CA. She’s a mother of one son, who is the love of her life and has three doting god-daughters. She holds an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sociology. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Art in Teaching. With a longstanding resumé, she has worked with youth in various capacities such as after-school programs, summer programs, tutoring, student support, an aide to a teacher, and a primary instructor in her own classroom. She loves working with children but has a unique passion for those with learning differences or unique challenges. Her primary aim is to assist this population of children with gaining skills that help develop independence. In her spare time, La’Trae enjoys spending hours in the kitchen cooking meals she’s seen on social media. Her favorite past times are watching movies, listening to music, and quiet moments to relax her mind. Her divine purpose is to serve God and to help others succeed by sharing applied principles that are proven strategies in her personal life.

Instagram: destinedtwobeblessed
Facebook: Destined To Be Blessed @Mylast20BCEB
Book: My Last 20 Breaking the Curse to Embrace the Blessing (Amazon, Google Book, Barnes, and Noble)


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