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 DrawnOnward is not just a fabulous palindrome, it’s about sharing our stories from a fresh perspective.

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DrawnOnwarD is now on YouTube on Teresa Janzen’s channel. Get a new perspective on exciting interviews by watching on YouTube.

Latest Episodes

Transforming Your Thought Life

Teresa Janzen interviews author Sarah Geringer about her upcoming book, “Transforming Your Thought Life for Teens”. Along the way, they talk about what distinguishes Christian meditation from other forms of meditation and mindfulness. They also talk about the writing journey and the importance of engaging your tribe.

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Love and Intrigue

“Love means never having to hear your Miranda rights.” Teresa Janzen interviews Claire O’Sullivan about her new novel and her writing and publishing journey. It’s love, intrigue, and a surprise[…]

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Encouragement Session

The pandemic has changed the way we work and socialize. When Sheila Smith found herself frustrated by the new normal, she turned to God’s word for encouragement. Now she shares 20 days of encouragement in her new book, Yes You Can!

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